duck hunt

We drove to downtown Plymouth tonight to get ice cream from Dairy King. We're pretty sure Zooey remembered that this is the place where she gets a little dish of vanilla...
... which she thoroughly enjoyed.
Afterward, we were walking around a bit, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a duck stumbled into our path. She and Zooey both froze, just staring at one another.
Zooey was literally a statue for at least 5 minutes.
The only time she moved was when she decided to point at the duck.
It was hilarious. Finally, the duck got bored and started waddling away, at which point Zooey tried to lunge after it... we decided a duck killing in the middle of Plymouth might not be the best way to end our evening.


  1. Not that I'm closely examining your husband's wardrobe choices, but he and Ben wore the exact same shorts today...maybe not the exact, but very close.
    Also, I love your dog.

  2. Jeanette - there was a time when I saw your husband walking across the SAU campus, and thought for a moment that it was Doug. He was wearing a blue Adidas zip-up and a Tigers hat... standard Doug attire.

  3. I think you should have let Zooey have-at the duck. The fine people of Plymouth could see some real life survival-of-the-fittest stuff... played out in front of their eyes... think of the $ they'd save on PBS donations.