counting my blessings

I had a sad day, and I tried wallowing, but it didn't make me feel any better, so now I'm going to count my blessings & things that make me smile, and maybe count some pictures of cute animals as well.

1. Doug.
2. Zooey's dumb face. I know this is almost the same picture I posted yesterday, but seriously, doesn't her ridiculous expression make you smile?
3. Stories about Colden... especially about his backyard adventures.
4. Lunchtime Subway dates with Patti.
5. Homemade chocolate chip cookies.
6. Dik-dik. I know, M&D - it looks like a deer and you want to sic Elly on it. Too bad. This is MY blessings/smiley post, and I think it's cute.
7. Blossoms
8. Warm thunder storms
10. Singing cheesy show tunes. Quite loudly.
11. Isaiah 40:27-31
12. I just searched "Zooey Parton" on Google and there are 10 pictures of Zooey from my blog on the first page alone. Also, pictures of Zooey Deschanel and some of my cookies.
13. Now I'll be going to bed smiling. :)


  1. My blessing list:

    Being Dad.

  2. You are one of my blessings, friend. Please know you make so many people feel special and lovely every day. Love you.

  3. Thanks, Dad & Jeanette. :) You guys are blessings in my life too.

  4. Sorry about the sad day. That little dik-dik is soo cute!

  5. Yes! I'm just now catching up on your blog and I LOVE that you put up a dik-dik. You made my day! Thanks.