recently i'm... (14)

Consumed by: our school's production of Little Women. I'm the Assistant Director and we open on Thursday night!

Looking forward to: going home for Easter break, obviously! Also, really looking forward to my first pedicure of the season on Wednesday...

Contemplating: trying to sew a dress for myself...

Baking: birthday treats for Doug's co-worker. Double Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (thanks, Annie!)
(Yeah, they're divine.)

Planning: a garden. But I think I should probably make raised beds... that will probably be my project for Easter break. Along with finishing my bedside table project.

Eating: My goodness, I can't even think about how many bags of Cadbury mini eggs Doug & I (let's be honest, mostly I) have eaten! Doug made dinner the other night & it was fabulous - he made up a marinade for chicken, grilled some veggies & made rice. Rice is my Achilles' heel in cooking. Well, one of them. I know - that defeats the idea of an Achilles' heel. Whatever.

Reading: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Composing: this little ditty in the shower the other morning:
Night is never long enough, and the morning comes to soon.
I would do much better if my dawn began at noon.

Missing: Africa.

Enjoying: Girls' night with Zooey. Doug is in Chicago at the Gospel Coalition, listening to all our favorite pastors... so Zooey & I are slobbing on the couch, grading essays together... and maybe eating a cupcake or two.


  1. cupcakes looks amazing!! your last picture is perfect...i love the frosting!! i recently made double vanilla raspberry cupcakes for a bridal shower - they were divine!

    mmm...i'm thinking i now need to go open my bag of cadbury mini eggs that the easter bunny was bringing to the boys...

    way to go doug on the meal - looks delish!

    your ditty is great!! and so true for me too...

  2. So, so glad you decided to stay!

  3. hey my friend is as the gospel coalition, too! hope it's awesome for everyone involved~!

  4. haa! i love it that you compose ditty's in the shower. and it's a good one too.

  5. you're coming to new york?!

  6. did you have a late night guest earlier this week???