christmas break, pt. 1

12.17 - 12.19 - Chicago for Doug's birthday, visiting Dave & Sara

12.19 - Stopped in Jackson on the way home for an unofficial SAU alum Christmas party/celebration of Clay's homecoming.

12.20 - Finished Christmas shopping. Began cleaning house for Christmas visitors. Made a cute little headband/earwarmer for Fabs.

12.21 - Cleaned house in the morning. Took pictures for a family in the afternoon. Took Doug Starbucks. :)

12.22 - Took family pictures in the morning. Decorated cookies with Katy in the afternoon! Made yummy homemade pizza for dinner!

12.23 - Cleaned like a mad woman. Dad P & Elizabeth arrive in the afternoon. The 4 of us ordered Chinese for dinner and played Uno Attack (love this game!) and many rounds of euchre.

12.24 - Christmas Eve! Zach & Michele & Sam & their dog, Peewee arrived around 4am. Doug woke up to welcome them. I did not. We had a lazy morning, lounging & laughing at the dogs. And then spent a ton of time trying to keep them from smelling one another's rear ends incessantly.
Zooey also curled up in Peewee's tiny bed.
Doug & I went to the Christmas Eve service at church. When we came home, Nic & Bradley came over and we all had appetizers & desserts. And styled Doug & Peewee's hair the same way.

12.25 - Merry Christmas! Doug & I were the first ones awake, as I wanted to make French toast for everyone. Plus, we had to see what Santa got for Zooey. We also took a family Christmas pic.
Then I spent the whole day cooking. I'm really glad Doug took this picture, because it accurately conveys how I was feeling as the dinner hour rapidly approached!
We ate at 4:30pm: apple-spiced pork, apricot-ginger pork, roasted asparagus, festive jello salad, homemade dinner rolls, & cheesy hashbrown casserole.
After dinner, we opened gifts.
I surprised Doug with snowshoes & my sweet husband surprised me with a 50mm lens... which I used to take a picture of our glorious dessert - Mom's ice cream cake recipe. YUM.

12.26 - 12.27 - Many rounds of Uno Attack were played in the Parton family. We also went ice skating, went to Meijer to get their amazing peach mango salsa, ate a lot of food, chased a lot of butt-sniffing dogs, laughed at videos of "Sharon" ... you know, the usual. :)

All in all, a delightful time with my in-laws. Z&M&Sam - we really wish you guys lived closer!

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