why i love(?) teaching, exhibit b

Throughout the course of a day, I hear a lot of strange things and get asked a lot of weird questions. Kids are always awkward about the way they ask to use the bathroom. Many times girls will mumble something inaudible or give me a knowing look accompanied by a side glance at their purse. Boys often try to take a humorous approach: "May I go piddle?" or the classic "I've got to drop off some friends at the pool."

However, I have one student who I think is genuinely trying to be polite, but still wound up asking me, "Mrs. Parton - may I go take care of some excrement?"


  1. i mean.... wow. ha.

  2. AHAHHAHAHAHAH oh my....how special.

  3. At least he didn't say "Can I take care of some excrement?" LOL...at least he knows he's capable!