house: living room (& some random stuff)

Here's our living room before:

& Here's our living room AFTER (so far)!
Zooey is not allowed on our new couch... and this is how she feels about it.
I had small group tonight, which I might have to rename Christ & Cupcakes, since I've taken to making cupcakes every week.
We also got GHOSTED!
Our village apparently does Halloween "ghostings" - - you get "tagged" to leave a treat on someone's door step, ring the doorbell & run! How fun!


  1. "Christ & Cupcakes"....love it! Best bible study I have heard of. That is so great!
    Also, love the ghosting idea...so cute!

  2. poor Zoo... i give it 2 weeks before she claims her rightful throne -- the new couch.

  3. Your living room is so chic, love the curvy chair!