the crucible ballad

I had my students write some ballad stanzas about The Crucible. I didn't know what to expect, but they blew me away.

The Crucible
Witchcraft is on the rise,
The devil's work is gettin' done.
No innocence found in the judges' eyes,
And hanging is no fun.

Reverend Parris
Nervous and worried while hearing his daughter speak
Confessed he saw the girls naked in the trees
Prideful and conceited, not wanting the truth to leak
He kept interrupting the court saying, "Sir believe me please!"

Ann & Thomas Putnam
We used to be friends with the nurses
But when Rebecca killed our babies
The town started running with curses
We are now tired of these ladies.

Giles Corey
"I'll burn in hell long enough," he says
For ratting out his wife
He did not know what it was -
The reason she read at night.

Giles Corey
My wife reads books
I cannot pray
She gives me dirty looks
What should I say?

Giles Corey
She only read some books
My big mouth gave it away
She was accused and away she was took
Why do things have to happen this way?

John Proctor
To adultery he did confess
He tried to make it up to his wife
But she was not impressed.
It ended up costing him his life.

John Proctor
Abigail Williams was a huge mistake -
Ruined my relationship with my wife.
Atonement to Elizabeth I must make.
She has caused nothing but strife!

Elizabeth Proctor
I thought that day we made it known
Devoted to one another, we vowed.
All my love I thought I had shown
Now it seems he did it all for the crowd.

Abigail Williams
John thought she was a hottie
But her heart was made of stone
Turns out she was very naughty
And wouldn't leave John alone.

Abigail Williams
Abby is a big brat
She lies and deceives
So let's get a bat
And finally silence her, please.

Abigail Williams
Adultry she cannot withstand
because Proctor is just too good looking.
She needs to be slapped on the hand
and just go back to cooking.

. . .
Some days my kids just make my heart sing!

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