Why I Love Teaching, Exhibit A

Journal question for my juniors today: Would you rather bathe in a tub full of spiders or sleep in a cave full of snakes?

One student's response:

"I hate spiders just as much as this question... and I hate this question a lot. The answer, however, is obvious, since spiders are my worst fear. I would have to choose the snakes. I would challenge the king snake to a duel, and if I killed him then his snakepeople would have to obey my commands. I would obviously kill him with my bare hands then eat him for dinner. Then I could sleep peacefully."


  1. this student forgot to add, "and then take another drag on my crack pipe."

  2. So journal questions range from loving in knowledge and depth of insight to bathing in spiders??? Interesting...

  3. Spinders all the way... just no Black Widows