before you begrudge us our summers...

We teachers have it so easy! We get done with work at 2:45 in the afternoon and have the whole summer free! What kind of life is that?

- - - - -

Why don't you get up in front of a class full of teenagers, get them all to pay attention, try to explain dangling and misplaced modifiers, try to get them to value literature and education in general?

Why don't you deal with disrespectful students?

Why don't you listen to a parent attack you because you're "obviously out to get" their kid - because you failed them when they never studied for a test, never turned in assignments and never paid attention in class?

Why don't you deal with rolling eyes and students making fun of you behind your back?

Why don't you mourn the [self-inflicted] death of a former student while trying to counsel students through their grief and all the whys surrounding suicide?

Why don't you struggle alongside a student who just doesn't get it and tries so hard, only to fail?

Why don't you stand calmly and patiently when a student screams at you in the middle of the hallway because you "betrayed her trust" because you had to tell her parents about her self-harming behavior?

Why don't you invest all your energy, all your free time, all your heart into your job, only to have a former student tell you he doesn't think you're a good teacher?

- - - - -

Please, PLEASE stop telling me how easy I have it. There are days I would LOVE to trade what I go through for a 9-5 year-round job.

I picked my job, you picked yours - we've each got our perks. You don't carry the emotional baggage of 100 kids around everywhere you go, and I get 2 months that prevent me from having a psychiatric meltdown.


  1. Did you have a bad day? See post 9/14/2010...

  2. Get'um Girl!

    (Forgive my incorrect English. Not trying to create more work for you.)

    You are appreciated!