quick update

There's been a lot happening lately, so here's a quick post to get my blog back up to speed!

The day after I got back from Africa, Doug & I closed on our house.

That same day, Robert stayed overnight with us on his way home from North Dakota!!

Since then, I've been at the house almost every day - cleaning, priming, painting... here's a sneak preview. This is our bathroom, formerly super glossy LIME GREEN. You can see a little of it at the top.

My dear friend Sara moved to Chicago this past weekend. Thankfully, she'll be back to Michigan a few more times before September. Here's a pic of us from Africa.

Doug & I went to WNY this past weekend for Alan & Guin's wedding, which was lovely & so much fun! Beautiful flowers (as always, Katie!) - love the crab apples! Also, really cute favors - barn & apple cookie cutters.

We got to see Victoria, Jeremy & baby Colden...
"I want some a' that!"

And it was the first time, I'm pretty sure, since Katie's wedding that the four cousins/friends were together! Hannah, Katie, Victoria & I - we did a little photo shoot of our own, but unfortunately I don't have any of those pics on my camera...

I also took some pseudo-senior-pics for Emily over the weekend.

Now I'm back to spending my days painting & beginning the move. Our lease is through the end of August, so we still have a little time...

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  1. the wedding was so fun w/you. already looking forward to seeing you again soon. and we should start planning the pseudo c/d soon :o)