hakuna matata

After Ethiopia, we flew to Kenya and went on a 2-day safari. It was unbelievable. We saw every single animal we wanted to see. Most importantly, I saw the sight I've been wanting to see ever since I watched Dumbo: a baby elephant holding its mom's tail with its trunk.
What's "not realistic" now, haters?

Anyway - everything about the safari was breathtaking. The scenery is beautiful, the sunset and sunrise were amazing, and like I said - we saw literally every animal we wanted to see. Tons of giraffes (+baby giraffes!), 3 lionesses, 3 male lions, a rhino (+baby rhino!), a cheetah, millions of wildebeest(s?)(+ baby wildys), crocs, hippos, various birds, various gazelle-type things, tons of zebras (+baby zebras!) - it was like The Lion King, but real life.

If you're planning on doing an African safari, go to the Mpata Safari Club and have Shadrach take you out. He will also love you if you sing "Hakuna Matata".

For all the safari pics, you can hopefully click here.

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