poppy & grandma lynk's

Yesterday I went with my mom and Ethan to visit my mom's parents, "Grandma & Grandpa Lynk". Growing up, I called my grandpa "Poppy". They live in eastern New York, about four hours from where I grew up. I used to spend a week or so with my grandparents every summer when I was younger, but as our family got bigger and Dad starting farming full time, it was increasingly difficult to get away in the summer. Our visits dwindled to every other Thanksgiving and every December for "Lynk Christmas". As Grandma & Grandpa got older, Thanksgiving and Lynk Christmas were moved to Uncle Tom & Aunt Heidi's - which means, sadly, it had been about 5 years since I'd been to Lynkholm Farms.

The drive there is absolutely beautiful:
gorgeous hills
awesome barns & silos dotting the landscape
& the ADKs on the horizon!

Then we arrived at Lynk Road in Sharon Springs.
Pulling onto this dirt road, I can still hear Robert's 6-year old voice: "Can I walk from here?!" I can see Uncle James & Aunt Georgia's house from the end of the road, and when we get around the curve, I see Grandma and Grandpa's.
As we get closer, the cows greet us with slightly curious stares, as they always have.
We pull into the driveway, and I see something new: a wheelchair ramp. Grandma comes to the door to greet us, like she's done for at least the past 25 years. But Poppy is no longer able to greet us with bear hugs and whiskered kisses. We walk into what used to be the dining room and say hi to Grandpa, who returns our greeting from his bed. Pokey, the dog they've had for years, wags his tail and haltingly gets to his feet. We all sit in Grandpa's room, laughing at old stories about Mom punching a kid in 4th grade, reminiscing about Great Grandma's famous sayings ("If you don't have anything to do out at the barn, I've got plenty for you to do in the house!"), updating Grandma and Grandpa about various happenings on Excelsior Farms...

Our visit is too short, but Grandpa needs to rest. Pokey slowly settles his tired body back on the floor at the foot of Grandpa's bed. I give Grandpa a gentle hug and kiss goodbye. Before we leave, he tells Mom they've got three new heifers, and I know his heart is out there in the barn, in the pasture, on the farm...


  1. Love it wish I could have gone. Also I wish I could have been here while you were home.

  2. Based solely on what I read on your blog, I'm so impressed by how deep (and special) your family connection and heritage is. It inspires me to try and create that for my family.