we be jammin: 2010

Yesterday afternoon, as I was washing jars & lids, I asked my dad if 3 years was long enough to call something a tradition. He said yes. Therefore, I proudly present to you the Third Annual Jam Making Extravaganza of Victoria Gerhardt and Rachel Parton.

Or, as we like to call it, our 3rd Jammin' Tradition.

Of course, we had a little help this year.

This year we made 4 batches, which is the most we've made together yet! Our work station pretty much took over V's kitchen.

The "full, rolling boil" - a dangerous time in jam making! Notice how Victoria tries to stand as far away from the pot as possible, while still "stirring constantly".

When all was said & done, we sat back and admired our work while enjoying strawberry sundaes. You can't make jam and not use the leftover berries for strawberry sundaes.
Sweet, strawberry bliss!


  1. i love our tradition!! what a fun night!!

  2. you ladies are amazing! looking forward to seeing you very sooooon! xo.

  3. craig pierce7/2/10, 11:13 AM

    jammin! where can i buy some if this spiffy jam? cute lil helper.