the tale of a baby shower

So all week I'd been having a blast planning Debbie's baby shower, thinking of fun ideas, getting suggestions from my friends - so exciting! There were some, uh, minor setbacks along the way, but the shower ended up being delightful!

Last night, I was leaving Meijer around 10pm, and when I walked out, it had started sprinkling, it was super windy and it was lightning. And suddenly unattended grocery carts are rolling across the parking lot. By the time I got home, the power was out. The storm was awesome - I've never seen such crazy colors of lightning. Doug & I propped some pillows by the window & watched.

An hour later, I started getting a little nervous, because the power still wasn't back on. I went to bed. I woke up at 5:00am, looked at my alarm clock... and it was black. At which point I realized, uh oh. I may not have power at all today! I lay awake panicking for about half an hour, then fell asleep for a couple more hours.

Long story short, no power all day! The party still came together - it looked great & everyone seemed to have a good time. From about 1:45-2:30, things were a little insane - I was trying to get changed and put together finger sandwiches simultaneously... In fact, it wasn't until halfway through the shower that I went the bathroom, was washing my hands, looked in the mirror and jumped in shock because I had forgotten to put makeup on. Yeah.

I need to give a huge shout out to my amazing friends, Sara & Katy - I could NOT have pulled this whole thing off without them!! They were such lifesavers. Girls, thank you SO much for everything!
Oh - here's the onesies I made for Debbie! Kind of hard to see in the picture, but I sewed little felt... things... on them. "Li'l Slugger", a tie, "Sweet Pea" and "Li'l Monkey".

As I was doing dishes, the power came back on, and I shrieked & starting dancing around - I think I scared Zooey. Doug went to a baseball game with Kress, so after the house was back in order, I looked at Zooey & said, "We are going to slob around like no one's business." In the words of my mother (and her mother): Having fun is hard work!

Okay, one last thing - today is Zooey's 1st birthday. Happy birthday, you sweet little freak. You drive us crazy, but we do love you.
If you're thinking that looks like a dog treat with frosting... you're absolutely right.


  1. cute onesies...and super cute dress you're wearing...where did you get that? It's fabulous.

  2. happy shower debbie. happy b-day zoo.

    love your facial expression in that one pic. the onesies look fab, nice job.

  3. thanks girls!
    jeanette - the dress is from target!

  4. Frosting on the treat... the best touch of all.

  5. Wish I could have been there... Mom... very cute onesies... Elly is pretty good with holding it still... if it's steak on her nose!

    P.S. When are you coming home,afternoon or night, is Doug coming too!