an offense equated with terrorism, clearly.

I forgot how patriotic everyone gets whenever there's an international sporting event.

I made the mistake of posting this Facebook status regarding my preference for England over the US in the World Cup:

Rachel Parton sorry, america, but i'm cheering for the mother country.

And suddenly, America struck back.

: Nooooo!

: traitor...

: lame

: Both you and your husband should be deported.

: Benedict Arnold!

: i'm so disappointed in you

: reading you and doug's wall makes me not want to watch the game with you

It's funny how people who never comment on anything I ever put on Facebook suddenly feel the need to weigh in on my opinions! I never knew there were so many passionate soccer fans in the States...

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  1. Don't worry I most likly would have cheered for them to... if I had watched it!!!!