quick & random

1. Doug spoke in chapel yesterday! Students and teachers alike have been telling me that he did an amazing job, it was just what they needed to hear, they loved it, etc. I am so proud of my husband and thankful that he was obedient to God's call!

2. As of yesterday, I am DONE grading the freshman research papers! Only a month later than I had originally hoped...

3. Really? They're putting essentially a box over the massive oil leak? Did someone's 5-year old come up with this plan? How else did it take them 3 weeks to come up with that gem of an idea?

4. Twenty-four school days left. Twenty-three and a half, actually. We have a half-day next Friday.

5. May masthead (thanks, Kanye, for the tagline)

6. It's been awhile since I've shared a picture of Zoo, so here's a funny picture of her chomping on a bone, mid-bite, looking utterly ridiculous.

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