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Excited About: 37 school days left.

Reading: Going through Prodigal God again, with a different small group (3rd time's the charm, right?). Also reading What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert with Doug. So good!

Listening to: my current favorite song is "I Already Know" by Mandi Mapes with Brook Hills Church. Watch this video (or at least the first 20 minutes).
Story of Love

"I already know Who's gonna save you, I already wrote the end of the story.
You were made for Me, and I'll never leave you. In the end, it's all for My glory."

Watching: Um, hello. Glee is back!

Annoyed with: Will it never end?

Cooking: Ahem. I've been slacking on my New Year's Resolution! I'm blaming it on hot dogs. Friends, it is hot dog season. And that may seem a weird or gross thing to love, but - I love hot dogs! They're so easy & they're so... summer! Anyway, tonight I've got a recipe for Sherried Chicken that looks pretty good...

Grading: Stupid research papers (still). About halfway done... but my juniors start their research papers on Monday.

Thankful for: Blossoms.

Laughing at: Sadly, the Toyota Sienna Family commercials... same style of humor as The Office.

Missing: the boys at Fountain of Life...
"Dear Racho,
How are you Racho, how do you see owr beautifull country. I wan't to tell you that I apreciate your help. For taking me picture, for taking your time to come and stay with us. Thank you for all that. Your husband is very silly I love him. I like playing with him every moment that we met. I will miss you too you are my best friends. Racho without hidding I love you. May the Lord bless you, may you and your husband have a beautiful family. Racho I love you and I will miss you when you are away. May the Lord shine his light over your life. God bless you. I will be praying for you. From Paul."

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  1. ouu racho...a beautiful family! [racho...adorable.]