Guys, I'm about to make a Life Application based off my recent cake baking experience. Things are about to get DEEP. Ya'll ready for this?! (Cue lasers & bass-pumping music.)

I like to appear like I have my life under control. And I like being able to present life through this blog like I've got it all together and everything always works out nicely & neatly.

Case and point: my Easter cake.
It looked and tasted perfect.

But life is so rarely like that.
I'm scattered, I'm messy, and some days it just takes multiple tries.

So here's an honest look at how things really go sometimes.
Sometimes, your cake won't come out of the #@$! pan.

AND it was a store-bought mix.
Because the homemade cake you made earlier in the day? That overflowed while it was baking.

You didn't do anything wrong - you followed the directions, greased the pan and even floured it. And since it's 11pm, you put the knife down slowly, stand for a minute just looking at your destroyed work, then leave everything there and go to bed.

The only thing you can do is get up the next day, run out during your prep hour and buy another box mix, rush home after work and try again.

So, I started that part of the blog yesterday afternoon, but had to finish frosting the cake for my small group. Got to small group and guess what our topic was?

The Life Application part of the story.

Why are we so hesitant to let others see our mess?
(Or, if you want to get even deeper - why are we so afraid to confess, to admit when we've done wrong? According to Andy Stanley, the three motivators are rejection, fear and pride. I'd say that's just about right...)

We all have those days - we all have areas of our lives that we try to stuff in the closet when guests come over. What mess are you trying to keep hidden?


  1. I love that you posted this.. You have no idea how much I needed to hear and be reminded of this today :)


  2. I'll let you know why I'm so hesitant to let others see my mess/mistake...

    just as soon as I have my first one.