a weekend of newness!

What a fun weekend! I went home to NY, where I was greeted by a little remodeling of the ole Bannister kitchen!
Love these new doors!

On Saturday I finally got to meet Colden!
He is absolutely perfect & so tiny!

I made a gift for Colden almost 2 months ago... I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I've been dying to blog about it, but haven't wanted to ruin the surprise for Victoria:

I knew I wanted to make something for Colden's nursery (safari theme), and was inspired by this mobile and this insanity. I went for something a little more low key, but I still think it's cute! Plus, they're finger puppets.

I also got to spend some quality time with Mom & Dad and Emily & Jayne. It's weird not seeing Ethan or Robert when I'm at home. We have a lot of baby calves on the farm - - 4 were born just during the time I was there!

Mom thought my "craving" in my latest "recently i'm..." post was a hint, so she made minestrone soup, homemade bread AND my favorite salad ever - strawberry poppyseed.
Oh, AND apple pie for dessert. YUM.

Now I'm back in Michigan & entirely unprepared for school tomorrow... gotta love weekends!

p.s. Can we just talk about how awesome it is that Cornell is in the Sweet Sixteen!? As my dad said, "Revenge of the nerds! Go Big Red!"


  1. aw dang it, you forgot to invite me over for soup & bread!

  2. ouu..nice doors in the kitchen!!

    love the gift you made for Colden! you're so creative!!

    v-word: prewar

  3. You're awesome. I love the felt finger puppets. Glad you had a chance to get home. :)

  4. i love that one you took of the three of us. thanks for visiting, and those finger puppets are awesome. thanks.

  5. especially the love part....