for robert...

I have days where my heart just aches for western New York and especially for my family and the farm. However, I'm blessed to have a sweet husband and dear friends in the area who make living in the suburbs a little easier (I said "easier"... key word).

Lately I've been missing my brosive Robert terribly and feeling bad that he doesn't have any loved ones nearby to make his 24-hour distance from home any easier. He's doing what he loves - ranching & being out West, but it's still lonely for him. Please keep him in your prayers, and if you'd like to send him a letter or a care package, feel free to email me for his address.

To Robert
Cohort. Tag-along.
Friend. Enemy. Pest.
Co-conspirators. Tattletale.
Equal. Worst. Best.
Betrayed. Trusted.
Comedian. Shoulder for tears.
Companion. Isolationist.
Prompter of giggles for years.
Fighter. Teammate.
Inflictor of joy and hurt.
Cornerstone of my childhood.
My brother Robert.

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