recently i'm... (4)

Excited about: the newest addition to the Bannister family - Colden! Such a beautiful baby boy.

Reading: Last week I read The Kite Runner. A year or so ago, Doug & I started watching it together, and I ran out of the room crying after one scene. I was able to make it through the book without crying. Overall, it's an excellent book and I highly recommend it. I'm still working on Ministries of Mercy by Keller. Just started a collection of essays called Cold Tangerines that I'm borrowing from my friend Patti.

Listening: to the Avett Brothers. I just went to their show in Ann Arbor last night with my friend Vanessa. It was so much fun - they draw a very diverse, interesting crowd! Their albums are very chill, but their performance was crazy & energized. Pretty much love them. Download: "Perfect Space" off their album I and Love and You.

Cooking: I have all the ingredients for these amazing S'more Bars that one of my students made for her demonstration speech... now I just need to make them (and hopefully mail some to Robert!). They are amazing.

Thinking: The quarter ends in a week and 2 days. Then only 1 more quarter left.

Wearing: Well, I'm not wearing this right now (or today, even), but I wore this Monday. It was a birthday gift from Doug.

Craving: Mom's minestrone soup and a warm slice of her homemade bread.

Thankful for: Skype, so I can see Doug while he's in Florida.

Laughing at: Obsession.

Grading: done with the portfolios! My freshmen are working on their research papers... so that will be quite a task when they're done.

Loving: Warmer days, sunny afternoons, brighter mornings & longer hours of daylight.


  1. Oh my gosh! Cold Tangerines was so good! The author made a visit to my mom's church about a year ago to talk about transitions and accepting change and all of that. I hope you like it!

  2. Hooray for Victoria! So glad to hear she had a healthy delivery. What a cute name!
    Secondly, I bought the Kite Runner, but heard about the horrible scene and have put off reading it. But if you think it's okay, I will give it a try. I recently heard about The Help by (can't remember first name) Soddick. It's been on the NYT best seller list for a while. I'm going to see if I can find it at a library around here.
    Finally, hooray for fourth quarter just around the river bend.

  3. ouu, i want the recipe for the s'more bars!

  4. excited: me tooo!!
    smores: yes please.
    necklace: so adorable. love it.
    mom's soup & homemade bread: yes please.
    loving: me tooo!!