Whaddya think?

(Looks super dark in the pic, but I didn't dye it - just got bangs & a trim!)
This face is expressing how I felt about the cut last night when it was brand new - - thinking about liking it, but not totally sold. This morning after I was able to successfully "style" (aka blow dry + a couple quick wavy curls!) it, I decided I like it. My students were also vocal about deciding they liked it... as one 14-yr old boy said, "Mrs. P! That haircut is kickin!"

A very happy 26th birthday to Kathleen! I hope you have a great birthday, and I'm so excited for all that this upcoming year holds for you - planning a wedding & starting a new life with your future husband!! Love you lots!

Uh, you NEED to watch this - my cousin's little son shooting a basketball. Most adorably hilarious video ever.

Happy Friday!!


  1. yes!
    [j says you look like zooey. not to be confused with your dog...]

  2. super cute! i just thought to myself - looks zooey-ish - and then i read mar's comment!!

  3. Not so sure about the hair, but do you think your eyes could be any bigger? WoW

  4. Happy haircut! It is super cute!!