eagerly awaiting

For those of you who unfortunately don't know my cousin Victoria, she is 9 months pregnant and due to have a boy any day. She just posted this poem on her blog, and I had to share it here as well because it is so beautiful.

Quiet Morning

quiet morning, and i'm here waiting

my little bundle, anticipating.

i stand in his room, i look at his clothes.

i cannot wait to kiss his cheeks and his nose.

my baby son, in my belly he'll wait

until the time of the right birth date.

daddy and i prepare and we plan

for the arrival of our little man.

soon our new chapter of life shall start

an overflow of joy and love from our hearts.

-an original composition by Victoria Gerhardt

Victoria & Jeremy - we love you & we're praying for you and your son!

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  1. i was just saying to jeremy that i love how excited you are. we can't wait to see you again and especially for you to meet him! and WE can't wait to meet him. any day now...