400th post

1. This is my 400th post. (That is the worst 4 I have ever drawn...)
2. Yesterday my friend Katy and I took 23 students to St. Patrick's Senior Center in Detroit. I was pretty nervous in the morning because I was in charge and I had no clue what was going on. Our school has been doing a Serve-a-thon, and there have been a few breakdowns in communication... but everything worked itself out, as it usually does! I got to meet some sweet people and learn about a cool organization! Plus, I got to see 6 teenage boys dancing with 6 elderly women in a hula-exercise class. Amazing.
Katy, Joanna, Me
3. I love, love, love that it is light outside once again in the mornings when I leave!
4. I will hopefully be visiting western NY next weekend... if someone will hurry & be here.
5. In the weeks leading up to Easter, my small group will be listening to an awesome David Platt series - The Cross of Christ.
6. Doug & I are going to Charleston for spring break! (We think...)
7. Okay, I'm hungry.

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  1. haha. in response to #4...no kidding! who knows when this little guy will decide to appear! not today, just braxton hicks, no "real" contractions. i had a very productive afternoon and cleaned out my entire closet and dresser. i looked at clothes i yearn to wear again. it's gonna feel like i get a whole new wardrobe!

    charleston would be awesome. how fun for you and dougy to plan a little spring break. will he be coming up with you when the baby is born?

    would you guys consider going to florida with us again? yet this time with a baby? spring 2011? i'm totally not kidding. jer wants to plan it. obviously it'd be a lot different than last time, but still amazing. maybe we could rock the pop up :0) that is if grandpa approves us borrowing it...

    i miss you. can't wait for your visit and the time we can spend with the baby.