Interrupting the Africa update to share about Thanksgiving.

We went back home to WNY for Thanksgiving. Actually, on Thanksgiving, we drove out to eastern NY to spend the day with my mom's folks. My Uncle Tom & Aunt Heidi hosted. The meal was delicious, of course, and it was so good to see my grandparents. Being far from my mom & dad has helped me realize how difficult it must have been for my mom to be far from her parents over the last 27 years.

View from Uncle Tom & Aunt Heidi's driveway

The rest of our time at home was wonderful as well. I haven't seen Ethan since he left for college. It was fun being able to talk to the whole fam about Africa and hear stories about various happenings on the farm and back home since we were last together.

Warning: Potential reader eye-rolling ahead but I'm going there anyway.
I'm really thankful that our trip to Africa was in such close proximity to Thanksgiving. It's really humbled me and helped my perspective. I've been really challenged this Thanksgiving to not only be thankful for what I've been given, but to understand that nothing I have is really mine. I need to use what I've been given to bless others. Anyway, just a little of what I'm learning lately.

That being said - there is so, SO much I'm thankful for.
the redemption of my sin ~ doug ~ my family ~ friends ~ a warm home ~ a warmer bed ~ good health ~ a reliable vehicle ~ a job that I love ~ zooey ~ nutritious food ~ junk food ~ beauty ~ laughter ~ hugs ~ kenyan boys ~ and so much more.
Dad & his girls going to get the tree. Alarming.

Let the hunt begin!

Girls wandering through the trees

Dad sawing down the tree

Dragging the tree to the truck

Now I'm off to bake a pumpkin pie for Parton family Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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