africa: day 4

Tuesday 11.10.09

Kale Heywet Church has identified 29 families where one or both parents is HIV positive. Since these families have been outcast from society, the church is helping support them by getting them involved in various projects. Two of the projects we got to see and hear about are a garden and a chicken farm. The garden has already been planted, and the families tend it and sell the produce to support their families. The chicken farm has the building for the coop, but no chickens yet.
Lameck (Fountain of Life/World Orphans) & some of the women

We met the most perfect and adorable baby on earth, and I wanted to bring her home.

After visiting the site, we visited the homes of some of the women we had just met. Tiny, 1-room homes that were so dark because they had one light bulb (if that). No toilets. But often the walls were decorated with magazine clippings, pictures from newspapers - anything to make them more "homey".


Our group got back to the designated meeting spot for lunch a bit early, so we had a little bit of time to walk around. We had been laughing about how much fun it would be to go on a mule-driven cart, so we paid a couple drivers who weren't busy and went for an approximately 2-minute long ride, but it was awesome! Here's our driver, trying to act like he doesn't love me & isn't totally thrilled that I wanted a picture of him.

We also went inside a little shop...

After lunch, we went out for macchiatos with the pastor and then had a strategic meeting at Kale Heywet to discuss the vision of the church and how Charis Foundation can partner with them in their efforts. It was just so cool to see the global church at work and experience the Gospel in action. After our meeting, we said goodbye to everyone in Woliso.

Then we drove back to our guest house in Addis Ababa where we had homemade pizza for dinner! We packed our stuff in preparation for Kenya and ended another day in Africa.

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