i heart visitors

This past weekend was absolutely delightful. It all started on Friday with the arrival of Jeremy & Victoria. And Victoria has such an adorable baby bump, housing what is sure to be the world's most delectable little morsel - and I mean that in the most non-cannibalistic, healthy baby-adoring sense possible. Anyway, we had such a fun weekend: crafting (really, do I even need to mention this whenever V & I get together?), IKEAing, eating, chatting, watching the pups terrorize one another... suffice to say, I wish we were neighbors.

Bannister Babes

IKEA... & we match the store...

You are what you eat...

Making Oreo truffles

Our little Cider n' Donut party

V & the kids

V & Jer - we had an awesome weekend with you guys. Thanks again for driving all the way out here. We love you!

Coming later, some pictures from our family walk on Sunday afternoon...


  1. ..cute pics!
    ..you didn't eat any of the prego, did you??
    ..which reminds me, aunt sharsh announced you were pregs at the cider & donut. [eventually someone corrected her - jen, not rachel!]
    ..kinda wish i was at your cider & donut - we didn't have any caramel dip. & i'm pretty sure j woulda come just for the orea truffles.
    ..although lyx did bring orams pumpkin donuts to grams...

  2. Wait...Rachel is pregnant?!
    How does Aunt Sharshie know before me?!
    Sounds like you had a fun time!
    p.s. v.word: shnose

  3. love how the rumors start!!

    cute little cider n' donut party! wish you girlies could have been at the big one, we missed you!

  4. i love you. we had such a great time!!!! love visiting, but will love even more when we do this stuff all the time, (i.e. neighbors) :o)

    the pic of me and the pups is cute.

    now you come visit me.

  5. very cute pics girls!! love your flannel shirt rach - and love the nashville shirt V(and of course the bump!) :-)
    miss you girls!!