crawling out of the hole

I just Skyped with my folks a couple days ago & my dad mentioned that I "must be busy" because I haven't "blogged or Facebooked" - true. There is a lot going on these days. Also, the inevitable has finally occurred & some of my students discovered my blog. So I hoped that if I didn't update for a while they'd get bored and forget about it. That also means I have to stop writing bad things about my students, I suppose...

Carrying on...
I took fall family pics for my friend Marisa again last week. I borrowed my friend Sara's Canon since my lens is still broken. :( Yes, an emoticon. That's how upset I am. Anyway - some favorites:

Kallie, Brenden, Riley

In other news, we had our first phone conference with the Africa team this afternoon! As Scott (team leader from W.O.) was discussing a medical clinic we'll be helping with, I grabbed Doug's arm and excitedly mouthed "WE ARE GOING TO AFRICA!!" We leave in 25 days.

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