a spattered smattering

  • Sneak preview of apartment pictures (i.e. I haven't gotten around to taking pics of the inside of the house - here's the backyard):
  • I had a student write about someone who was "lactose and tolerant."
  • This past Thursday & Friday I went on Spiritual Life Retreat with our high school (last year's retreat here). It was a lot of fun, and I had some really good conversations with some of my girls. It's been so cool to see them grow over the past year, and I'm excited to see how God continues to teach them.

  • Favorite song of the moment: Jadon Lavik's rendition of "Blessed Assurance" - buy it on iTunes now. In fact, just buy his whole album Roots Run Deep - sweet hymnal bliss.
  • Currently reading: Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
  • Here's a table I made. My nephew just broke it today, so it's no longer with us. I liked it while it lasted!

  • I have to get back to lesson planning, but Doug & I have some exciting news, so stay tuned. Um, it has nothing to do with pregnancy, so don't anyone get your hopes up about that.


  1. I fell on the floor... then I read the fine print!

  2. haha, that was my first thought too of course :-) hmm . . .

  3. haaa...lactose and tolerant!
    you're moving to batavia?!?

  4. 9/21/09
    I saw your post about Jadon Lavik. You know he has a new CD coming out.

  5. i like your disclaimer...

    my mom is lactose and tolerant! haa...love it!