5 mins


2. This weekend is Fall Festival in downtown Plymouth. Doug & I walked down with Zooey today... so between having an adorable puppy that everyone stops to admire and seeing practically all my students throughout the night - I felt like a rock star!

3. Admission of guilt: there was a certain 8th grade girl last year who I saw a few times in the hallways and thought, "Ugh. I have to teach her next year." She seemed overly dramatic and obnoxious. So she's a freshman now and she walked in the first day and I thought, "Ugh." Well, uh, turns out she's pretty much the sweetest girl ever and loves English. So, I feel guilty whenever I look at her now.

4. Zooey eats rocks. And poops rocks. This is disturbing to me. Whatever. Puppies are so weird.

5. My count is now up to 3 people in Plymouth that I've seen walking cats. On leashes.

6. The Office starts back up next week!!

& out.


  1. I see people walking cats in strollers more often than on leashes...

  2. What is disturbing to me is that you are examining her poop!

  3. please take a pic for me of these leashed cats!! i can't wait to celebrate fall when we're down there visiting! let's bake and craft and....go to ikea :)

  4. i live in the city - we have to pick up after our dogs. it's pretty easy to tell the difference between normal poop and... well, rocks.

  5. Jude ate (and subsequently pooped) a leash once. Maybe there was a cat attached to it?