Jamaica: Day 4&5

Tuesday (7/14): Woke up at 7am for pancakes. Have I mentioned the delicious pancakes yet? :) Construction again at 7:45. VBS again at 9 - our craft for the day was coloring & scratch pads. 

In the afternoon we went to an adult infirmary. I met a lady named Vida and talked to her the whole time. At her request, I read my bible to her and ended up leaving it there with her because she didn't have one. She also told me about her "gentleman friend, Gil" and said I should "go look at him - he's hot." 

Photo by Sara VanWinkle.

When we got home, we played with kids before dinner...

Doug preached at the Crusade & did a great job talking about how the whole Bible points to the central Gospel message.

We ended the evening with another team meeting!


Wednesday (7/15): Up at 7am, breakfast - you guessed it - sweet pancakes. Construction started again at 7:45. This time we split up into 3 groups - one at Mt. Pelier, one at Fletcher's Grove and one painting at the school. I was in the painting group.

Our VBS craft for Weds. was bracelets, necklaces, etc. 

In the afternoon we all went back to the same work we were doing in the morning. When we finished up, we had some time before dinner to go down to the "beach". We were probably less than 100 yards from the ocean, but we had to walk about 10 minutes to get to a place where it was semi-safe to swim. There were still tons of sea urchins, and we had a kid get stung in the foot.

Dinner, another Crusade, more time with kids, team meeting & then bed!


  1. Hey, your Dad wants to know if there is any way to have the pictures "enlarge" after you click on them?

  2. the children are so beautiful.