I'm interrupting the regularly scheduled Jamaica updates to just say... 

**prepare yourselves for some ultimate nerdom here, folks**

I LOVE back-to-school shopping! 

I'm not even talking about shopping for clothes. I'm talking about school supplies. I just went to Office Max to get some stuff for my classroom - that place is awesome. And score! As a teacher, I get reimbursed for my purchases!

Seriously though, there's just something about an unopened box of pencils, waiting to be sharpened, packages of pure Pink Pearl erasers, aisles of unadulterated pens & markers...

And don't even get me started on the notebooks. I am obsessed with notebooks. Doug has made fun of me several times because I like to buy cute notebooks and then set them aside to prolong the enjoyment of opening up to that first clean page... I think I have a problem. Also planners. I love planners & have been known to keep at least 3 at a time. (You'd think I'd be more organized, right?!)

Anyway, I just love school & office supplies. It may be a small...ish factor of why I became a teacher in the first place. 

Does anyone else share this love/madness?


  1. I also LOVE school supplies and have found myself, even though I am not in school, wanting to buy some.

  2. Ugh back to school shopping already?!
    Don't remind me!

  3. i love supplies. i love office max. i want some new notebooks. come up here next week. i like new pens. i like sharpies. come up here next week. i like high lights and binder clips.

    (i am so good at subliminal messaging... :))