sweet sixteen!

It doesn't seem like you should be old enough to drive - I feel like you should still be about 10 years old! A sweet, tiny little girl with huge blue eyes.

Well, you're still sweet & tiny & have gorgeous blue eyes, but you've grown into a beautiful young woman.

It might be corny to say, but I know that beauty comes from within. God has given you such a tender, loving heart.

I am so proud to be your big sis & I love you so much.
But seriously, don't get any ideas about dating - I will break boys' legs if they come near you.

Happy sweet 16th birthday, little warmint.

Happy birthday to Marla as well! Love you too, Mar! :)


  1. happy birthday BUDDY! and seriously...i would help rae break boys' legs.
    tanks rae! it was a very happy day.

  2. Marla, happy birthday to you too, birthday buddy! You and Rachel would make a fearsome pair, breaking boys' legs!
    Thanks for the post Rachel!