eight things

8 Things I Like:
1. Knowing Doug will be home tonight.
2. Being on the cusp of summer. 
3. The sound of diesel trucks idling. 
4. Messy morning hair.
5. Watching talented people do what they love.
6. The phrase "What up, doe?" 
7. The show "Taking the Stage" (see #5)

8 Things I Don't Like:
1. Inconsideration. Is that a word? Thoughtless people.
2. Rugrats - throw back, but those cartoon kids were nasty!
3. How fast my fingernails grow
4. Loans
5. The term "creative juices"
6. Unnecessary perversion. 
7. Racist jokes
8. Tomatoes. I know - I use this every time, but I really hate them.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Woke up.
2. Went to school.
3. Watered my flowers.
4. Went to the baseball game.
5. Got Arby's for dinner.
6. Watched that fainting goats video a million times.
7. Graded papers
8. Called Emily to wish her a happy birthday.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Play guitar really well.
2. Be a teacher without grading.
3. Like running.
4. Quilt.
5. Be a photographer.
6. Have perfect pitch.
7. Play tennis.
8. Start an orphanage.