primitive first aid?

Yesterday my freshmen took their test on Romeo & Juliet. As always, I like to have discussions with them about the test material and make sure everyone understands the literature. However, sometimes a misunderstanding slips through the cracks.

We discussed the various factors that prevented Romeo from discovering Juliet wasn't really dead, the two main factors being 1) Capulet moving up Juliet's wedding to Paris by a day and 2) Friar John (the messenger) being placed under quarantine because of his exposure to illness.

Today, as I was grading the tests, I got a kick out of all the attempts at spelling "quarantined" - quorontined, quarenteened, corentined, etc.

Then I came to this: "Friar John was put in chlorintine because he was exposed to a sickness."



  1. chicken chlorintine.

    yum. d

  2. Wow, we have some smart people...

  3. Rachel,
    1. Friar John is chlorintine= AMAZING!!!
    2. We have started Othello in Brit Lit...yay! :(