funny/random things

Here are some funny/random things that have happened the past couple days...

1. Yesterday at the baseball game, Doug was talking to the coach (Doug used to help coach) and the coach asked Doug if he would play music in between the innings. There was another gentleman talking with them who didn't know Doug, and after the coach walked away, this other guy laughed and said to Doug, "Have fun with the music! He asked you because he'd never ask an adult for a favor." Umm, good thing my husband will be 27 this year. 

2. Today I "coached" a powder puff football game at the school. One of the brilliant senior boys decided he was going to try to pull his truck onto the field, and this happened: 
He bottomed out & got stuck. Thankfully another student came with a truck and pulled him over...

3. Doug & I were playing badminton in our yard today and got the birdie stuck in a tree. We had more fun throwing a football at the branch trying to free it! Badminton is decidedly much more fun with four people.

4. Yesterday while reviewing with my juniors for their final exam, we were discussing The Great Gatsby. I was trying to say something about "Jay Gatsby" and it definitely came out "Gay Jatsby." Awesome. 

5. Doug & I went on 3 separate walks today! That's not funny or random, but it's kind of cool, right?

6. Also, kind of random... sort of... we're going to have a yard sale with the Townleys! The weekend of June 6-7. So be sure to stop by if you're in Plymouth, MI.

7. FIVE instructional days left and 4 half-days of exams. Dang.


  1. Ugh... don't remind me, I still have about 15 days left not including regents. :(

  2. #4. i would have laughed till i cried if i had been one of your students!