feeling groovy

A few reasons today rocks:
1. I got 2 extra hours of sleep & still woke up at 8:00am.
2. I realized there are 12 weeks left of school - excluding Easter break & finals week. Holy cow. That's awesome, and at the same time, kinda sad. Last night I said to Doug, "I must be getting older, because time is going by faster."
3. Look at these adorable bunnies Victoria made! 
4. I got to visit Jeanette & baby Elijah for the 1st time today! 

Oh my word, he is the sweetest, tiniest little angel. And Jeanette is already an incredible mom. 
5. This glorious sign, which I saw many times going to & from SAU back in the day... this is the first time I've remembered or been quick enough with my camera to capture it.

Since I hate Man Utd even more than tomatoes or the Yankees, and since they're unfortunately 1st right now & the last time Chelsea beat them was last April... this is really all I've got right now.
6. I've been humming "Na, na, na diva is a female version of a hustla!" to myself all day.
7. I have been so good about doing lesson planning so far over this break! Aaand I'm a nerd, because I'm totally stealing Megan's idea for Greek mythology presentations - and I'm so pumped about it! 
8. My family is coming to visit this weekend!! 
9. My mentor & dear friend, Ellie, just got back from a mission trip in Africa, and our small group is meeting tonight, so I get to hear about it (& hopefully see pictures...).
10. Today is Fat Tuesday, which is an awesome excuse for eating a lot of chocolate today.
11. It is so gloriously sunny today!

What's making YOU smile today?


  1. loved your list! i'm so happy that you have time off--wondrous! how about this line, "he better have a six pack in the coolah" oh B!
    love you, girlie. miss you!


  2. I smile because I am coming to your house soon!
    I can't wait!

  3. Yay! I hope you get your own "god of wine and partying"!

  4. Spring cleaning baby. Jinah's got me out with the rubber gloves and suddzy bucket. w00t w00t.