tribute to my speech class

Dear Speech Class,

Congratulations - you are the first class that I have successfully completed teaching. Granted, it was only a semester long, but hey, it's my blog & I'll brag if I want to.

I somewhat remember the first couple days of class, when I thought to myself, "Oh boy, it's going to be tough getting these kids to talk."

I have never been so happy to have been so wrong. 

From 8 minute speeches about making milkshakes to 2 minute speeches about protecting yourself from an ostrich attack - you guys have kept me in stitches the whole time. 

I feel a little robbed that speech is only a semester long, but I suppose it's better for my sanity. After all, if one more person asked me if Wikipedia was an academic source, my head might have exploded.

Your class helped me gain sympathy and support from fellow teachers: "Don't you have a class that's almost all senior boys? You poor thing." Please. No one has brought a dead animal to class or grabbed my arms and asked me what I'm really going to do about "IT" (whoops, forgot to tell you about that time, Mom!). I can handle farm/jungle animal noises.

So, beloved speech class, as much as it pains me to admit to you - I'll miss you & yes, I do love all of you. 

Mrs. Parton

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