the most wonderful time of the year

On December 1st, Doug & I went with our friends Dave & Sara to get our Christmas tree. We were so excited and had made great plans to cut down our own trees at a cute farm (with free hot chocolate!). However, by the time we had both gotten home from work & secured Doug's mom's truck, we realized there was no time we would be able to make it before the gates were closed. After much deliberation (about 25 seconds), we decided to just go buy our tree, pre-chopped. Don't judge us - we live in the suburbs.

It was still a glorious adventure, filled with...
-Mystery (which tree should we pick?!)
-Drama (running to stand by my tree when another woman showed up and headed in that direction)
-Deceit (the inside of the first tree that Sara & Dave picked was totally brown & disgusting) 
-A happy ending (a successful purchase for both parties!)


Tree hugger

Skipping gleefully as our tree is taken to the truck.

Me & Sara

And, a sneak preview of the tree. Please note our "new-to-us" couch!

Hopefully I'll be updating again soon when the tree is decorated...


  1. That's a nice tree you guys got there. I'm jealous.

  2. Aww, that tree seems to be right at home in your living room.

  3. very nice, rach. and the couch is great.

  4. yay for christmas trees and new couches!

  5. My family has had a few "new to us" couches. :]

  6. Love it!! Your place is adorable!

    I would LOVE to make a visit to Michigan...maybe spring? You will be notified and we WILL hang out. Miss you!