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I'm taking a break from massive cleaning/straightening/preparing for Christmas. My mind is whirling, so this post will be all over the place.

-Today was my second commission for photography! Doug's boss wanted to make 4 signs that said "FRIEND" for friends that she has known since junior high. Since they all met at church, we met at her old church, and I took pictures of various objects that created those letters. It was a lot of fun!

-Got my January Country Living and stumbled across this little tidbit in the regular "12 Events Not to Miss" section: "Michigan: Plymouth International Ice Sculpture Spectacular
Jan. 23-25; Downtown Plymouth. The country's oldest and largest ice-carving festival features more than 400,000 pounds of ice sculpted by professional carvers as well as amateur school groups."

AWESOME! We're famous. And I've totally been there. Yet another reason friends/family from WNY should come visit.

-Speaking of Plymouth, something small, yet exciting, has begun to happen: I've started to run into people I know in public places! People at church, people from work, students, parents of students... it makes me feel less like an outsider & more at home. Those of you in WNY, don't be alarmed - WNY will always be home. Even so, it's nice seeing a friendly face at the grocery store and being able to chit chat for a few minutes before going on my merry way. 

Current music obsessions: 
-Kanye West's album 808s & Heartbreak - so good. SO GOOD. One of my students & I were discussing music, and I mentioned that I was really excited about this album, and the day before break, he left a copy of it on my desk. Also, while I'm sort of on the topic - several of my students gave me Christmas gifts! I was so spoiled by them!
-Victor Wooten. He plays bass guitar with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. I was obsessed with him my freshman year of college, forgot about him & re-discovered him yesterday while perusing our dvd collection. I watched the dvd last night while knitting & made a mental note to share Amazing Grace via this blog. Watch it now. It will blow your mind.
-Strung Out on OK Computer - Robert got me this cd awhile ago for Christmas. Confession: I listened to a couple songs & put it back in the case and tucked it away. Doug uploaded it to our iPod & I had songs playing randomly when I heard this gorgeous string arrangement of "Let Down." Needless to say, I listened to the whole album, and, as the title of this list would indicate, I'm obsessed. Thanks, Robert!

Oooookay, I've stared down my dust cloth for quite some time, but unfortunately, I don't think it's going to get up and do the job itself...

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  1. Of course had to go right to Itunes and listen to Strung Out c.d. and I looove it. Wow. I always thought those string remixes of cds were kind of cheesy, but I really like this one. Kudos to your brother.