Today I re-realized something funny about myself - something I do without really thinking about it. My dear friend Megan and I discussed this one day as we were traversing the perilous bike paths of old Oxford town, but I had forgotten about it until this afternoon.

As I was walking out of school, fumbling for my keys, I realized my odd tendency to pile everything I'm carrying in my left arm just so I can swing my right arm. I had my huge teacher bag slung over my left shoulder, my zip-up slung over my left forearm (can we say gorgeous weather recently?!), my lunchbox in my left hand, and my warm buddy-brand Uggs (more Nov. morning attire) cradled in my elbow. My right arm was swinging happily away.

Does anyone else do this? Pay attention next time you're carrying a few bags...


  1. Um...YES! I do the same exact thing. It's really annoying. My left shoulder can really get to aching sometimes, but I refuse to transfer items to the right, b/c I need my right hand to open doors and fix my hair and contacts, etc. Important stuff.

    esp. groceries...big time on the left side. someone's gotta carry the car keys, right?? (RIGHT)


  2. Like an indoor walk (usually more contained and controlled) and an outdoor walk, free and uninhibited. It makes me smile when I find myself doing it as well :)

  3. Haha! I laughed so hard at this memory . . . Good one Rach!

  4. Oops! I was signed in as my friend. That last comment was from me Rach (Megan).