peaches & greens, pt. 2

Maybe you remember this post about the steady progress of the produce market being built in Detroit, Peaches & Greens. 

Yesterday, Doug & I were able to attend the grand opening of Peaches & Greens. It looks absolutely incredible & I am so excited to hear about the ways it will continue to minister to needs. Thank you for your prayers; please continue to pray for Detroit & CDC ministries. 

Here are some pictures from the big event.

Two incredible men, Kevin Ruark & Matt Rojak, headed up the construction.

Kevin & Ellie Schupra, who coordinated the involvement of our church, Trinity.

The inside.

The Van Andel boys - Jamison, Q & Ty - with their peaches and greens!

Doug proudly holding up our purchase.

The P&G produce truck, which will drive around delivering produce to city residents.

Me & Doug in front of P&G.

We're so thankful that CDC allowed us to help them even in small ways, and we're so glad that they're finally able to see the fruits (ooh, terrible pun) of their labor!


  1. Rachel, Thanks for your labor and your passion for our community. We are blessed by people like you and Doug.

    I hope it is alright if I copy some photos and post them on my blog. Let me know if it is not and I'll yank them off.

  2. Good work Rach! Truly inspiring :)