Happy Halloween [yesterday] and Happy November!

This post was on its way to becoming the world's longest blog post, so I'm going to do a separate entry on what Doug & I did today. 

SO - yesterday:

Some of my students got the evening started early -- as in, 5:30pm there was a knock on my door!

The world needs a hero... to save us from these heroes.

Doug & I carved a pumpkin (a little late, I know - but we got a sweet deal on our pumpkin).


I made Doug finish scooping the guts out.

The finished product - not too shabby for a half-hour! Who said Halloween had to be scary?

I had some more students stop by (including one who wasn't trick-or-treating & just wanted to show me his El Camino!), and some young kids that we didn't know. One parent stood on the sidewalk while his two children got some candy, and as his son was reaching into the candy basket, he yelled (quite aggressively, actually), "Harry, don't be a HOG!"

Griffin & Leslie stopped by too - the cutest little gorilla & lion!

Mouth. Full. Of. Candy.


Yesterday was also a huge step for Doug & me toward adulthood.
While others our age are buying iPhones, BlackBerries, etc., after 1 year, 3 months and 24 days of sharing cell phones, as of yesterday, Doug & I are now each proud owners of our own cell phones! Please hold your applause...


  1. i love it that your students came to your house!

    cell phones?! what's next you crazy techies.

  2. Fun times with fun students! I miss you!

  3. nice job on the pumpkin. and that's so great that your students trick-or-treat at your house! and griffin & leslie are super, super cute!