random things 2

As some of you (Victoria) may know, I LOVE Old Navy. 
Especially when they have amazing sales.

For example - I picked up 2 pairs of shorts today because I saw they were only $4.99 each!

And then I got to the register and my TOTAL was $4.22.

Too bad I'll have to wait through 7 months of snow & freezing before I can wear them.
In other news - I am practically jumping out of my skin in anticipation of this upcoming weekend; in fact, just earlier today I sang a little jingle of excitement, which caused Doug to look at me in bewilderment and ask, "Did you just sing 'Western New York, here we come'?"

I have a half day of school on Friday.
Victoria & I have a craft sale for Good Apple on Saturday - hope to see a lot of people there!
Cider n' Donut is Saturday night.
Sunday is family time and watching the Bills!

Here's a poem I wrote about my desire to be back in WNY, while trying to be content with where we are right now.

I'm dreaming once more in a golden haze
Of wandering through orchards and fields of maize.
As I drive past rows of houses on end,
I envision each a tree - weighted branches bed
With the pregnant strain of crisp, ripe fruit,
And the farmhands ransack as if gathering loot.
While I idle in a sea of metal and wheels,
My mind drifts eastward to Mom's homecooked meals.
A country girl in suburban sprawl
Longing to pacify her heart's deep call.
For with my love I live, and with my love I roam,
But still my heart daily cries for home. 
Someday, someday - hope's fondest sigh
In which promise and faith mingle, mount and fly.


  1. come to me! i love it. come home!!!!! we will have an amazing weekend :)

    p.s. love the shorts! i also made a purchase at old navy this weekend...will show you when you're over FRIDAY!!!!! wahoooooo.

    p.p.s while walking mookey today i thought that the 4 of us could have a spring break convo friday night.

    ok, what time should we expect you?

  2. Hey Rae! I love your poem - super amazing. I certainly wish I could be there for the cider and donut party. I shall be there in spirit. Oh, I sent an email to you and then realized I sent it to your yahoo account. I'm not at all sure how often you check that one, so I thought I would let you know.

    Have a great week!

  3. wahoo...you're coming home! can't wait to see you at the cider & donut!

  4. Oooo I love Old Navy too! I just wish we had one close by :)