saturday morning

What a beautiful autumn morning! Doug & I took a walk together to downtown Plymouth to scope out the Farmer's Market, and I just wanted to share some snippets of our walk!

This adorable friend is growing in our driveway. Such a random little guy!

(That's our house on the left!)

Warring neighbors.

So every year there is a 3-day walk for Breast Cancer, and they dye the fountain in downtown Plymouth pink to show extra support. 

This afternoon Doug's going to the Michigan game with one of his friends. I'm going to make hot apple cider and do some lesson planning, and then tonight we're going to the PCA football game in Ann Arbor. What a perfect fall day.


  1. I have looked everywhere for next door neighbors with signs of opposing candidates! EVERYWHERE! I was thinking I'd have to stage it if I ever wanted to get it.

    You beat me to it. :)

  2. I love the fountain in Plymouth! We always used to get Coldstone and walk over and sit and people watch. One time we were there and someone had put bubbles in the night before... so you can imagine the mess! There were kids running and jumping in it (till the police came and spoiled all the fun and made them get out). Oh I wish we were home right now!

  3. nice post. great photos.