bring on the harvest

I have the best friends in the world.
& I am so spoiled.

My dear friend Katie reads my blog and knew that I was badly craving some of the harvest products of my hometown...

SO - I arrived home from school today to discover this little bundle of bliss waiting for me:
A package from Panek's Pumpkin Patch!! 
Please note the return address: "Home, NY" - amen & amen.

Inside, I immediately discovered a sad truth:

Peaches do not ship well. 
But seriously, this was the funniest, sweetest token I could have asked for.

I ate a little bit of one anyway, out of desperation & sheer joy.

The package also contained the following beautiful autumn wonders:
apples from western NY...

and glorious gourds, baby pumpkins & Indian corn...

as well as an adorable jar of Kerry Berry Jam!

Katie & the Panek bunch - thank you guys SO much. 
This made my day... and probably my month. I love you guys!


  1. oh that was such a nice delivery! Again I will say, your haircut is so cute.

  2. I love that you grew up on a farm. :)