wedding, sky, grudging soccer dad

We went to Chicago yesterday for a wedding. It was the perfect day for a wedding - beautiful couple, beautiful weather, amazing reception - lots of fun. After the wedding, Doug & I decided to set up the camera on top of the car to take a picture of ourselves, when suddenly, a man who was mowing his yard came over and offered to take the picture for us. Apparently this gave him the opportunity to live out his day dreams as a portrait photographer - he ended up taking multiple photos of us, giving us various posing instructions, and frequently directing Doug to "put your chin down more." Thanks for the pics, random mower guy! 

The sky on the way home was awesome:

Today we gave one of the kids in our youth group a ride home, and we stopped to look at a Jeep Cherokee that was for sale. It was in perfect condition, not many miles, fully loaded, etc and at the bottom it said, "Reason for selling: Bought a mini-van" with a frown face. Hilarious!


  1. That sky pic is pretty cool! I love Chicago, it is one of my favorite cities.

  2. what friendly mowers you have out there in michigan.
    we had to trade in our explorer for a minivan in march. also with a frown face. 'cept i don't miss paying for gas for that guzzler. and i do love extra seats in my car.