another new beginning.

Well, Doug & I are saying goodbye to our first home together. We're moving pretty much a block away, so hopefully I'll still be able to come over and steal the spinach that I planted - if it ever grows, especially after it HAILED today.

Our adorable 1st home.

The back of the house - leading to our main entrance.

Going up the stairs...


"Breakfast nook"

Bathroom - you can see the entrance in the picture of the kitchen above. To the left, in between the counter in the foreground and the kitchen sink.

The living room, as seen from our bedroom.

The 2nd bedroom - our office. 

This room is never really "clean" so I figured, why change things now for a last photo?

Our bedroom.


Our deck. Doug is pictured here grilling steak to perfection. 

We're not moving for another 2 weeks, most likely, but I wanted to take pictures before we start packing. Thanks, little apartment, for being such a cute 1st home for us. 


  1. Ooh! So does this mean that you can get a puppy now? :)

  2. this apartment was so cute!! we can't wait to see your new place! have fun making your new apartment home :)

  3. You're apartment is adorable. Where are you moving too?? I would love to have some pie making festivities with you. The salon I went to is called Salon International. My hair was cut by Christina, she even called a week afterwards to see if I still liked it. They are super nice and friendly there (and super close).

  4. Ah, first homes. Looks like you found a charming one. Ours? We lived above a blue-haired lady who always complained we were partying. We found this great creak in the floor and would bounce on it at 2am just to send her some love.