mom & emily's day

We went home for Mother's Day and Emily's birthday - both on Sunday. I took a lot of pictures.

Doug & I went for a walk and fed the horses.

Robert's dirtbike provided a little excitement on Saturday afternoon. Ethan's driving in this pic.

We all took turns jumping on the rope swing - here's Jayne.

Dad ups the ante...

Jayne riding "Sugar"...

The birthday girl takes a turn.

Mom arranging flowers for Emily's birthday dinner...


Delicious birthday/Mother's Day meal, prepared by Dad - steak kabobs!

A glorious weekend at the Bannister homestead!


  1. Wow... you grew up in a place out of a storybook!

  2. haha - it's true! and you oughta hear some of those stories! ;)

  3. p&m beat me to it . . . I wish I had grown up there! I mean, don't get me wrong . . . Detroit's beautiful and all . . .

  4. these pictures make me wanna talk a walk to the pond with you. heck, even swim in the muck.

  5. it is so beautiful over there. i am not sure how you can live here after growing up there!

  6. me either...perhaps you should come back? we could even throw muck at each other while we swim in the pond.