another one bites the dust

After months of prompting, coercion, bribery and flat out begging, my hubby has finally succumbed to the pressure & joined the blogging world! In all actuality, I think I said to Doug, "You should start a blog," and proceeded to set up his blog. And then he posted in it.

And in case anyone was wondering, Doug has been gone for exactly 49 hours, and I still haven't locked myself out of anything! I'm picking him up from the airport this afternoon, and then we're going to hang out in the airport for about an hour. Why? Because our dear friends, Steve & Heather, are returning home from 2 years in Africa!! We are so excited to see them again and hear all about their adventures! Welcome back to America, dear friends.

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  1. Rachel,

    We lOVE mexican food. I think that we should definetly meet for some good food. Congratulations on not locking yourself out of anything!